Introduction to the Survey

  • Questions are in two sections: ‘About You’ and ‘About the draft revised PSF’. 
  • All questions about the draft are optional.  We welcome your feedback on every question, but if you prefer please focus on specific questions only.
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Background to the Draft Revised PSF

  • The PSF is a globally-recognised framework for benchmarking success with HE teaching and learning. 
  • Since its last update in 2011, the teaching and learning landscape within HE has changed considerably and a review of the framework is now underway to ensure its continued relevance to HE. 
  • As PSF custodians, Advance HE is facilitating this review on behalf of the sector. 
  • The review aims to retain the strengths of the current framework, and in consultation with the sector, to propose amendments to build on its positive impact on learning, teaching and the student experience.
  • The PSF Review Project Team has evaluated the findings from a series of recent stakeholder consultation sessions.
  • More than 20 sessions were held and in excess of 300 attendees contributed constructive, insightful comments.
  • Evaluation of these sessions has been combined with the analysis undertaken on the substantive existing evidence base of feedback, gathered from multiple sources over the last seven years. 
  • Drawing on this combined evidence, a draft revised PSF is now available here and this survey asks for your feedback.